The Recovery Partner Story


Katie and Scott met through the recovery community while living in Bali, Indonesia. Their love for helping others, interest in personal development, passion for world travel and respect for each other’s strong recovery led to them becoming fast friends. While working with a treatment center, they noticed the clients were experiencing high levels of anxiety about maintaining their recovery after leaving the safety of treatment.  

Katie and Scott had witnessed this issue for years and decided to put their heads together to try to solve this problem. How could they create a program to help these individuals knowing they would be going home to locations spread across the world? They needed a solution that would allow these individuals to grow in their recovery and provide them with resources they could access anytime, anywhere. 

Katie and Scott created Recovery Partner as an answer to this problem: a video educational series to help guide these individuals through all the pitfalls of early recovery guided by their long-term recovery experience. Soon they realized this program can help anyone enhance their recovery and live their best life!


Hi, I'm Katie Strong


In 1999, I chose sobriety over suicide. That was the moment, I discovered my life’s calling. I've been passionately committed to my own recovery and helping others achieve long-term recovery ever since. I've been working in the treatment field since 2006 in inpatient, outpatient, peer recovery support and education. Personally and professionally, I've helped thousands of people in their recovery journey.

Since I got sober, I've lived an extraordinary life. I initially thought sobriety would be the death of fun, but soon discovered it was just the beginning of a great adventure. I've been lucky enough to enjoy extended world travel, experience plenty of thrilling adventures and am committed to self-exploration and personal growth.

Hi, I'm Scott Rist


After the party ended and the depression set in, I was left with only one option: to find recovery. After getting clean and sober in 2007, I have made recovery the driving purpose in my life. I have since shared my experience within juvenile halls, jails, detoxes, treatment centers and with hundreds of fellow addicts and alcoholics around the world.

When I found recovery, I felt like I was given a second lease on life and I made a commitment to myself to begin truly living. Since then I have realized many of my life goals by traveling the world, co-founding Recovery Partner, and rafting, hiking and kayaking thousands of miles as an outdoor adventure guide.